Fully automated eqiupment for accelerating usage of machine learning and development of energy materials & electrochemical devices

Our laboratory is full of equipment for synthesizing and characterizing new energy materials and environmentally friendly electrochemical devices. Full automation of these equipment speeds up the acquisition of fine experimental data. We use the obtained data and critical descriptor for electrochemical phenomenon to create a specific machine learning model. Successful creatation of prediction model drastically accelerates the development of materials and devices, more than hundreds to ten thousands times compared with a conventional trial-and-error approach. By creating and using a machine learning model, we, in fact, discoverd a new proton-conducting oxide in the first trial of synthesis and electrochemical evaluation, which was published in ACS Energy Letters (selected as the cover art and press released). We propose new methodologies that transform the ways to approach and understand energy materials and electrochemical devices, which are highly desired in a digital era.

Electrochemistry lab 1

Click arrows inside the above images to enjoy our virtual laboratory tour! You can move around and take a look at all our equipments with 360 degrees views as you do in actual tour. You will find information mark that explains the equipment we use for materials discovery and evaluations in the images. We also have Youtube version, in which Prof. Yamazaki virtually takes you to laboratory tour in person. On the Youture tour, you can also take a look around at 360 degrees. Activate subtitle function and auto translation to your language in your Youtube setting since he explains in Japanese here. Translation from Japanese to English on Youtube was not that bad! Enjoy!

             our electrochemistry lab                          our electrochemistry lab

fully automated in situ X-ray diffractometry  fully automated fuel cells test station, 3 sets

Clicking the link below each image takes you to a representative outcome using the equipment. Although the links are not given for common tools, we daily use them to realize materials discovery and device development!

             our electrochemistry lab                    fully automated catalyst test station

automated electrochemistry station, 4 sets           fully automated in situ FTIR

            surface exchange station                                       glovebox

      gas adsorption system             isostatic cold press, 2 sets

             ballmill, 2 sets                        sumple cutter, 2 sets

Chemistry lab 1

                  our chemistry lab                                            daily scene

                   our chemistry lab                                       glassware shelves

                  fume hood, 4 sets                                          screen print

                     drying oven                                                scale, 3 sets

         hand press, 2 sets                 sample packing system

        vacuum oven, 3 sets                  

Chemistry lab 2

                  our chemistry lab                                        our chemistry lab

                  our chemistry lab                            calcination box furnaces, 11 sets

  atmosphere controlled furnace, 8 sets        fully automated metal electrode coater

scanning electron microscope with EDS

 sintering tube furnace, 6 sets          thermogravimetry, 2 sets

Electrochemistry lab 2 

            photocatalyst test station                                    tape casting

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