Transdisciplinary Project, and Creation of One-Stop Solution for Energy Research

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Management System Diagram
  • As of July 1, 2018
  • Director General - Chiharu Kubo (President)
  • Strategic Conference
    • Deputy Director General - Masato Wakayama (Executive Director / Executive Vice-President)
    • Advisory Board (Temporary step)
    • Steering Committee
    • Faculty Council for Q-PIT
    • Selection Committee for Recruiting Faculty Members
  • Energy Research Units
    • Renewable Energy Utilization Research Unit
      Associate Professor:Kohichi Watanabe,Haiwen Li
    • Future Energy Management Research Unit
      Associate Professor or Assistant Professor: Maiya Hori, Hooman Farzaneh
    • Future Energy Society Research Unit
      Associate Professor:Keiko Aoki
      Assistant Professor:Nobuyukl Takashima
    • Global Energy Research Alliance Unit
      Professor: Akari Hayashi
      Associate Professor or Assistant Professor: Stephen Matthew Lyth,Tatsuya Wakeyama
    • Future Society Think-Tank Research Unit
      Professor: Kentaro Yoshida
      Associate Professor or Assistant Professor: Robert Lindner,Youngjin Choi
    • Transdisciplinary Energy Science and Education Unit
      Professor: Yoshihiro Yamazaki
      Other Professor: 1 person
  • Secretariat (Promotion Office for Energy Research)