Transdisciplinary Project, and Creation of One-Stop Solution for Energy Research

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Management System Diagram
  • As of April 1, 2017
  • Director General
  • Strategic Conference
    • Deputy Director General - Advisory Board (Temporary step)
    • Steering Committee
    • Selection Committee for Recruiting Faculty Members
  • Energy Research Units
    • Renewable Energy Utilization Research Unit
      Area-1 : Renewable Energy
      Area-2 : Hydrogen Energy Systems A
    • Future Energy Management Research Unit
      Area-3 : IT and Control for Energy Management
      Area-4 : Energy Management Systems A
    • Future Energy Society Research Unit
      Area-5 : Bio-Energy
      Area-6 : Energy and Economics
    • Global Energy Research Alliance Unit
      Area-A : Global Energy Alliance
      Area-7 : International Energy Science Research
      Area-8 : International Energy System Research
    • Future Society Think-Tank Research Unit
      Area-B : Energy Think-Tank
      Area-9 : Energy and Society
      Area-10 : Energy and Environment
    • Transdisciplinary Energy Science and Education Unit
      Area-C : Transdisciplinary Energy Science and Education "for science and technology"
      Area-D : Transdisciplinary Energy Science and Education "for humanities and social science"
  • Secretariat (Promotion Office for Energy Research)
Number of Position Opening
Professors (tenured) : 4 persons
Associate or Assistant Professors (non-tenured track) : 10 persons